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Wandering Seltjarnarnes | Nature Hike |  Eco Tour 

Coastal hike : 5-6 km / 3.5-4 miles : 4 hours : Easy
  • Eco Friendly, Sustainable Tourism - walking and local bus travel

  • Small group - max 10 people

  • Only 3.5-4hrs - ideal for arrival/departure days or part of a chill-out day

  • Meet a local guide and pick their brains

  • Eat & drink like a local - try Rotten Shark, local donuts, Black Death liquor and more

  • Stunning wild nature on Reykjavík's doorstep

  • Take a dip in Iceland's smallest hot pool

  • A bird watcher / photographer's delight

  • Iceland's special geology and history explained

  • Family friendly​ - it's great to get kids in to nature (min. age 10 years)


Seltjarnarnes (translation: "Salty Ponds Peninsula") is only a few minutes drive from downtown Reykjavík, but it feels like a world away. It is Iceland's smallest town in area (2.9 km2 / 1.1 sq miles), population 4,600.


This tour provides the perfect combination of wild coastline, nature reserves, history, culture, sustainable tourism and some welcome exercise


We ride on the local, yellow town buses and visit local businesses and municipal sites; this is certainly one of Iceland's most eco-friendly tours!


Your experience begins at the Reykjavík official city tourist info office, next to the pond. We catch a bus and arrive in central Seltjarnarnes within 15 minutes.

First on the agenda is a quick bathroom break for those in need. We at Wandering Iceland realise that our guest's comfort is a priority.

The tour visits locations such as Valhúsahæð hill (at 31m / 95ft the peninsula's highest point - wow!) and Nesstofa historic house (one of Iceland's oldest buildings, built 1776) before heading along the coastal path.

Soon we come to a unique spot -  Cupstone, by Ólöf Nordal (probably Iceland's smallest hot pool), ideal for revitalising tired feet (we can provide a towel for those who need).

The fresh salty air and vast expanse of the North Atlantic Ocean will sharpen your senses. The seabirds, waders, ducks and geese nesting and feeding in the nature reserve are a delight to observe.

Magnificent views of Grótta lighthouse dominate this next part of the tour. It is possible to walk over the causeway (tides permitting), but not between May 1 - July 15 due to nesting birds.

Following a combination of paths and beaches we explore the peninsula, stopping frequently to spot birds, take photos or to just watch the mighty North Atlantic Ocean

It is also during this section that we shall stop to sample one of Iceland's most famous traditional foods - Hákarl, the famous rotted shark. Your guide describes the history and and preparation method of this old "delicacy". You can wash it down with a shot of "Black Death", Icelandic aquavit. We recommend this wholeheartedly!

We also offer a hot drink to cleanse the palate - hot chocolate / tea / coffee. And to soak this up, try a kleina, the traditional local donut. By now, you will be feeling very Icelandic...

Depending on the time, we shall either walk back to our start point, or take the bus. Our tour officially ends with a celebratory scoop of ice cream at a local cafe. 


Those wishing to head straight back to Reykjavík will then catch the bus just outside the cafe.

If you are feeling hungry, then the cafe is an ideal lunch / light dinner option. You will be given a bus ticket if you wish to stay longer in Seltjarnarnes.


Alternatively, there is an opportunity to bathe in Seltjarnarnes geothermal swimming pool (entrance fee not included). This pool is one of the best in the capital area, and the warm, salty waters come direct from the local mineral springs. 


You will learn
  • ​Some of Iceland's 1000+ years of history

  • Geology of the peninsular / Iceland 

  • Some of the 100+ bird species

  • Loads about Iceland's culture

  • Lots of "local's" tips, ideas and suggestions

Price Includes
  • Local, fluent English-speaking hiking guide
  • Walking tour of all major sites on the peninsula. 
  • Samples of traditional Icelandic foods, including the infamous "Putrified Shark" and a shot of "black death"
  • Hot drink and kleina donut
  • One scoop of delicious Icelandic ice cream in the local cafe
  • Return bus travel from downtown Reykjavík to Seltjarnarnes
Don't Forget 
  • Waterproof jacket, warm clothing etc 
  • Wear good walking shoes / hiking boots / training shoes 
  • To fully charge camera/phone batteries
  • Swimming suit and towel (if you wish to bathe afterwards)
  • To write a review of your tour on your preferred ratings site


8.900 ISK
4 Hours

Daily departures from Reykjavik Official Tourist Information Centre in Reykjavík City Hall

08:45 dep. 12:45 tour ends

13:00 dep. 17:00 tour ends

Call Us 

+354 782 6502
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